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"IoT solutions made simple"

Environmental monitoring

Monitor humidity, temperature, movement and a range of other conditions in your work environment.

Asset Tracking

Visibility on everything, all of the time. Monitor asset location, usage and performance.

Alerts and Notifications

Know when an asset enters or exits a location, or when a certain sensor reports a critical value.


Understand and optimise your asset and work environment performance through historical data.


Our dashboard provides instant overview on the location and health of all your assets and work environments.

Accessable from from any connected device.
Complete visibility, and traceability of all assets.
Create and manage reports and notifications.
Easily query, manage, or share all data.


We believe in options, so we built our infrastructure to be sensor agnostic - BLE, RFID, NFC, temperature, vibration; whatever your needs we’ve got you covered.

Why us?


We use a range of smart sensors and devices, to monitor the processes that you care about.

Easy to use

Plug and play, simple setup. Access and manage your operations from any device.


Platform has been built from ground up to address the unique security challenges in IoT solutions.


Add sensors and services when you need them. Our platform is built to scale with your business.


Why not talk to us to find out what our services can do for your business.

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