IoT solutions

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what we do.

Connecting companies to the assets, environments, and ‘things’ important to their business.

Capturing data from a range of IoT sensors, our location and environmental monitoring solutions provide companies with greater intelligence on day-to-day processes. Our software and services provide companies with insights and information that helps to reduce operational costs along with increasing efficiency and productivity.

“In God we trust, all others must bring data” - Deming


Environmental Monitoring

Visibility on everything, all of the time. Monitor asset and equipment location and performance.

Connected Assets

Monitor humidity, temperature, movement and a range of other conditions for equipment and machinery.

Alerts & Notifications

Know when a critical value changes or when an asset enters or exits a location.







Environmental Sensors



Our solutions are tailored for a range of industrial sectors and applications such as facility & building management, manufacturing, and asset and inventory management systems.


Valuable information on equipment condition and performance.

Remotely monitor the condition of working environments, assets, and equipment.

Reduced downtime and associated risk.

Data driven decision making.

Reduce equipment inspection and maintenance costs.

Know exactly where your assets are, reduce employee search time.

Improve industrial regulatory and compliance management.


Accessible from any connected device, our client dashboard provides real-time insight on your assets and environments. Easy to use and responsive user interface allows for control and management of all data sources and information.

Monitor & Manage

Accessable from from any connected device.

Manage user access, views, control, and permissions.

Real-time insight and visibility on all your data and ‘things’.

Create and manage all alerts and notifications.

Create automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Control, manage, and share all data.


Plug and Play solutions and services:

No configuration required, plug and play software automatically reports data and insights.

End-to-end solutions

Our solutions cover the sensor, data management, and user application layers.

Security by design

Security is core to what we do and embedded across all layers of our architecture and services.

Actionable insights

Historical data provides much deeper insight on asset performance and operations.

Scalable architecture:

Scalable cloud services. Whether it’s sensors or data, our solutions grow with your needs.

API integration

Built on our Black Bear API and designed to easily integrate with other software and systems.

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